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How I Approach my Job Search Part IV

Apr 5, 2011 | Career

I originally sent this out as part of the ASotREG newsletter, but due to requests, I decided to post it for everyone to see.

Be a Purple Cow

In the first part of this series I covered general tips on how to go about your real estate job search, I then followed it up with a post about obtaining informational interviews, and in part III I gave an example of one of the more creative ways I’m approaching my job search. In this final part I’m going to give various words of advice to think about when searching for a job. These tips are not all original thoughts, simply words of advice I’ve accumulated over the job search process.

  • Trying to fit in to get a job for a big corporation is a bad strategy
  • The most interesting jobs and most secure jobs are happening in small organizations
  • Great people don’t need a resume – I hope to use my blog as mine, you can use a great project or 3 stellar recommendations etc.
  • Jobs people kill for don’t get filled by people emailing in resumes
  • Look for people who are searching for a truly great hire
  • Build a network of people who truly want to hear from you
  • Everything you do ends up online, make sure Google is filled with good stuff
  • Your job determines what you do all day, what you learn, and who you interact with, think about that
  • Don’t find a job, choose a job

What’s holding you back?

I’d love to hear how you’re approaching your job search.

*I understand that many people are not in the position to be picky when it comes to finding a job. Whether it’s mortgage payments or a family to provide for, many people simply need a job for the money. However, if that’s the case, get the first paying job you can then use the time outside of work to follow your true passion and make your dream job.

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