Top 100 Commercial Real Estate Company Websites

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When working on the redesign of the Atlas Real Estate Partners website, I personally reviewed 1,000’s of real estate company sites and pulled elements from what I thought to be the best in terms of design, functionality, innovation, and branding. Through this process I learned that real estate firms generally don’t care about branding and it’s apparent in their company web design and general online presence.

However, there are a number of firms who are pushing the envelope, learning from their counterparts in more innovative niches, and understand the importance of creating a strong brand that transcends the real estate business.

Here’s the top 100 CRE Company websites as of 2016:

Origin Investments - The New #1

  1. Origin Investments*
  2. Longpoint Realty Partners*
  3. Long Wharf Capital*
  4. Dome Equities*
  5. Amanat Properties* 
  6. TwinRock Partners*
  7. JMA Ventures*
  8. Onyx Equities*
  9. Alterra Property Group*
  10. Timberlane Partners*
  11. Hamilton Zanze*
  12. Ellis Partners*
  13. Kayne Anderson*
  14. Crescent Heights*
  15. Advalurem Group*
  16. Main Street Investments
  17. Spirit Investment Partners*
  18. oaktree development*
  19. H2 Capital*
  20. Fairway America
  21. Canyon Real Estate Partners*
  22. Everest Medical Core Properties*
  23. Madison International Realty*
  24. Matthews Real Estate Investment Services*
  25. Peak Capital*
  26. The Clairmont Group*
  27. Rockpoint Group*
  28. Advance Realty*
  29. KS Partners*
  30. Nitneil Partners*
  31. Fisher Brothers*
  32. Maxx Properties*
  33. Sunrise Capital Investors*
  34. Beachwold Residential*
  35. 29th Street Capital*
  36. Virtu Investments*
  37. ASH NYC
  38. Cross Properties*
  39. JOSS Realty*
  40. MedProperties*
  41. Benedict Canyon Equities
  42. Sterling Bay
  43. Castle Lanterra*
  44. Tryperion Partners*
  45. Shift Capital*
  46. East End Capital
  47. Workforce Partners*
  48. Simon CRE*
  49. Sand Investment Group*
  50. MRP Realty*
  51. Atapco Properties
  52. The Praedium Group*
  53. R^2 Companies*
  54. Cousins Properties*
  55. Sundance Bay*
  56. Shooshan Company*
  57. Synapse Development*
  58. Atlas Real Estate Partners*
  59. Realington*
  60. Bauhouse Group
  61. Heaton Companies*
  62. Rockport Equity*
  63. Lightstone Group
  64. Simpson Property Group*
  65. Fairlead Commercial Real Estate
  66. NRP Group*
  67. Keystone Property Group
  68. Kushner Companies*
  69. Residential Redevelopment Co.
  70. Wood Partners
  71. The Dilweg Companies*
  72. Pinnacle*
  73. Arx Urban*
  74. Karma Investment Properties
  75. Bijou Properties
  76. Palisades Capital Realty Advisors*
  77. RISE – A Real Estate Company
  78. JDS Development*
  79. Taconic Investment Partners
  80. QuickLiquidity*
  81. Savannah Fund
  82. Metonic Real Estate Solutions
  83. Cardinal Group
  84. Trion Properties*
  85. Lincoln Equities Group
  86. Brookfield
  87. 601W Companies
  88. Essex*
  89. Engine Real Estate*
  90. Amstar
  91. MAC Properties*
  92. Matan Companies
  93. RealOp Investments
  94. XL Property Management
  95. Olympus Property
  96. Marble Capital*
  97. Wheelock Street Capital*
  98. JCR Companies
  99. Oculus Realty*
  100. One Wall Partners*
  101. Stillwater Capital Investments
  102. Beatty Development
  103. Boston Capital
  104. Cayuga Capital Management*
  105. Klein Enterprises
  106. Charles River Realty Investors
  107. Avanath Capital Management
  108. ROCO Real Estate*
  109. HB Capital Group*
  110. Stream Realty*
  111. Butler Equities
  112. Insight Property Group*
  113. Barnett Capital
  114. OpenPath Investments*
  115. Drake Real Estate Partners
  116. JMC Holdings
  117. BC Wood Properties
  118. Elion Partners*
  119. Foulger-Pratt*
  120. Delco Development*
  121. Black Sand Capital
  122. Verris Capital
  123. WHEAT Capital Management*
  124. Maroon Peak Partners*
  125. i3i Interests
  126. Post Brothers
  127. GMH Capital Partners
  128. Mill Creek Residential*
  129. ReVision Real Estate Investment*
  130. Alturas Capital*
  131. Vanbarton Group*
  132. Bridgeton Holdings*
  133. Rising Realty Partners*
  134. Urban Visions*
  135. Eightfold Capital
  136. Bixby Land Company*
  137. United Property Partners*
  138. Watt Companies*
  139. Intelica Commercial Real Estate*
  140. Nitya Capital*

*Added post the original publishing date of 3.20.15

A few disclaimers:

  • This is by no means exhaustive. I’m sure there are some great sites that I missed. Please submit your favorite sites in the comment section and I’ll update the list periodically.
  • I excluded property sites and focused purely on company sites.
  • Don’t get caught up on the numbers. 1 and 5 are interchangeable as is 20 and 25 and 40 and 45.
  • I focused exclusively on U.S. real estate companies.
  • I avoided real estate brokerages (for the most part), but I included some real estate tech companies and architecture firms.
  • I took into account both design, content, and effectiveness of the sites.

If you’re looking to build out your own site and need a referral to 3rd party marketing firms, please email me at joe [at] asotreg [dot] com.  There are several groups I’ve worked with and have 100% confidence in. Don’t hesitate to shoot me an email if you’d like an introduction.

What are your favorite CRE company websites?

  • Jessica Sala

    Happy that you took content into consideration. So many don’t understand that marketing through digital includes a website that answers questions through interesting, readable content. Too many firms write for SEO and without their actual audience in mind.

  • Not sure if you forgot to change the title from 48 to 65?

  • Good call. I should update it as I add new ones. Thanks!

  • Jeff Shaw

    Thanks Joe. I am the CEO of Fairlead Commercial Real Estate. We are constantly working to be innovative and recognize the importance of creating a brand. I’m hoping to make some additional adjustments to the site as time goes on, but I sincerely appreciate the unsolicited positive comments about our site and our efforts to push the envelope. Best regards, Jeff Shaw

  • Hi Jeff,

    It’s great to see the CEO of a large brand recognize what’s being said about them online. It’s representative of your brand-focus. Great job with the site and keep pushing the business forward.



  • QuickLiquidity

    Hi Joe! QuickLiquidity is thrilled to be ranked on this impressive list of elegant websites. Who ever said commercial real estate can’t be sexy clearly has not been introduced to this list. The entire team appreciates this tremendous honor Joe. Thanks, A. Yoni Miller (CMO)

  • Larry Singleton

    Love your list … just wondering why you did not include brokerage sites … that’s what I am researching

  • Thanks @disqus_BGFY62mX3v:disqus . It felt like an apple to oranges comparison. Investment firms and brokerages have very different goals with their respective websites.

  • Absolutely, Yoni. Keep innovating!

  • Aaron Desatnik

    Based on this tremendously useful list, does anyone have recommendations for web design agencies?

  • Penelope

    Hi Aaron, check out inMotion Real Estate Media (, a CRE digital marketing and creative agency specialized in web development for commercial real estate.

  • Corrie Wade

    Hi there! You should check out, especially the history page:, we just re-did the website and I think it’s looking pretty good!

  • Thanks @corriewade:disqus, the website turned out awesome! I added it to the list which is now over 100.

    Would you be open to introducing me to the web development team?

  • david white

    Thanks for sharing this list with us, may i also recommend vizway it is a real estate portal.

  • Daniel Black out does them all. Looks very professional and intriguing.

  • Jill

    Joe, I stumbled upon your list while researching some CRE sites as we embark on a redeveloped and redesigned website. Two years ago, we underwent a corporate brand update and we re-skinned the website to reflect that and the new sub-brands we created for our core services. After looking at several of the sites on this list, I’m wondering if we are “over branding” currently. I’d love to hear your take. We are at Thank you!

  • Corrie

    Sure! We worked with Planit based out of Baltimore, MD….. but almost all of the page hierarchy, copy and pictures were primarily produced by myself and our Marketing Director, Amanda Reed. I saw our site was crossed off of your list though, bummer!

  • Rachel Pittard
  • Manny Regalado

    Hi there Quick. Could you provide the developer’s information of your site? Thanks.

  • Sure – shoot me an email at Joe [at] and I can make the proper intro.

  • Peter DiGeronimo

    Hey Joe,

    I’m from 36creative, the agency that created the branding and custom website design/development for your #8 ranked website, Advalurem Group. They’re an amazing client and we’re extremely happy with how their web presence came out. Thank you so much for recognition of them and their site. If you or anyone else has any questions, please feel free to out:

    Pete DiGeronimo
    Strategic Partnerships Manager, 36creative

  • @peterdigeronimo:disqus great work with the Advalurem redesign. Has your group done any other work with CRE companies?

  • Peter DiGeronimo

    Thanks, @joestampone:disqus much appreciated. Yes, we’ve done work for CRE companies and others within the general industry as well. Below are some other examples of our work:

    McCall & Almy
    Madison International
    GFI Capital Resources Group
    The Garabedian Group
    The Forzese Group
    RE Reel

  • @peterdigeronimo:disqus Impressive work!

  • Elena Wall

    Hi Joe! I love this list! I know this list have evolved since the original publish date. We just redesigned our website so I thought I would share it. Check it out at Thank you!

  • @elenawall:disqus well done! The site came out great and captures the uniqueness, creativity, and history of Simon. I’m going to shoot you an email to include you in a blog post I’m working on.

    P.S. I went ahead and added the site to the list.

  • Tracey Pierce

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