Summer Down the Jersey Shore

It was New Year’s Day 2009, I found myself sitting on my parents couch 6 months removed from college and unemployed. As I thumbed through the pages of US News & World Report I reflected upon what had gone wrong; I worked hard in high school, got into a good college, and had multiple internships. Wasn’t this the path to success?

Maybe it was 10 years ago, but nowadays it’s almost impossible to have a linear career. The world is constantly changing, forcing us to adapt, stay flexible and be open to new opportunities.

As I perused the magazine with this in mind, I came across an article titled 50 Ways to Improve Your Life in 2009. One way to improve your life was ‘to start a blog’.

I set up a site on titled A Student of the Real Estate Game (inspired by a book I was reading), and on January 8th, 2009 I published my first post, Why I Love Real Estate and you Should Too. I’ve posted about once a week ever since.

For the first few months I didn’t tell anyone I was blogging, I was doing it for myself. I was forcing myself to become part of the conversation. That posture alone changed everything.

While the site has evolved and taken many forms over the nearly 5 years, one constant remains – it’s the single best thing I have done for my career.

Join me as I continue to explore the ever-evolving world of real estate.

3 Reasons to Read This Blog

  1. You’ll get insights into what it’s like to work in various sectors of the real estate business
  2. I’ll discuss the future of the business and share stories of innovation in real estate
  3. Because it’s fun.

What Others are Saying

“The kid is not even out of school yet and makes the list!  Killer blog with all the toys . Really digging into cre and showing the way it can and will be for the next generation!  Hear the footsteps??….here they come!”

- Duke Long, Commercial Real Estate Broker and Blogger

“Not only is the content superb, but Joe clearly has some highly intelligent and influential readers. Thanks to an interview and subsequent post about our company by Joe, we have closed over $3 Million in real estate!”

- Vin Vomero and Alex Hodara, Hodara Real Estate – Hodara Property Management


I love my work. I’m Vice President of Investments at Atlas Real Estate Partners. Atlas is an entrepreneurial investment firm based in New York City.

I received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a minor in Entrepreneurial Leadership from Tufts University. While at Tufts, I was a four-year varsity soccer player. I also received a masters degree in real estate finance from the NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate where I served as President of the Student Association.

I also love skiing, boating, golf, travel, and spending time with family.


ASotREG is my personal blog. All opinions written are my own unless stated otherwise and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of my community, clients, and/or employer. Please feel free to contact me regarding any content shared on this blog.