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This is my personal blog where I share tips on starting your real estate career, challenges of doing your first deal, and advice on passive real estate investing. For work, I run acquisitions for Atlas Real Estate Partners, a private investment firm based in NYC where I was the first hire.

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It was New Year’s Day 2009, I found myself sitting on my parents’ couch 6 months removed from college and unemployed. As I thumbed through the pages of US News & World Report I reflected upon what had gone wrong; I worked hard in high school, got into a good college, and had multiple relevant internships.

Wasn’t this the path to success?

As I perused the magazine with this in mind, I came across an article titled 50 Ways to Improve Your Life in 2009. One way to improve your life was ‘to start a blog’.

I set up a site titled A Student of the Real Estate Game (inspired by a book I was reading), and on January 8th, 2009 I published my first post, Why I Love Real Estate and you Should Too.

For the first few months I didn’t tell anyone I was blogging, I was doing it for myself. I was forcing myself to become part of the conversation. That posture alone changed everything.

I don’t consider myself a real estate guru. I’m simply passionate about the business with a desire to share my experiences and help all of you in any way that I can.

Join me as I continue to explore the ever-evolving world of real estate.

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I love my work. I’m Vice President of Investments at Atlas Real Estate Partners, an entrepreneurial investment firm based in New York City. We’ve acquired 40 deals since 2009, with a combined value of $650M.

I received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a minor in Entrepreneurial Leadership from Tufts University. While at Tufts, I was a four-year varsity soccer player. I also received a masters degree in real estate finance from the NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate where I served as President of the Student Association.

I also love skiing, boating, golf, cooking, travel, and spending time with family, friends, and my dog, Macaroni.