Why I Blog

Sep 24, 2010 | Career

On this Friday morning I want to take a step back and talk about why I blog. Running a blog is extremely time-intensive – it’s not just creating original content 3 days a week, but it’s answering emails, managing social networks and commenting on other blogs to name a few of the daily tasks.

Blogging can also be scary, it’s hard to be vulnerable and let other people in. So why do I do it?

Well there are a number of reasons, but as Seth Godin says, “if it scares you, that’s the signal that you should do it. The hard part about being an entrepreneur is looking at the world and being willing to be made fun of.”

With ASotREG, I’m opening myself up to the world to be made fun of. I’m okay with that, because with that vulnerability and risk comes a number of benefits:

  • To learn – Much of the research for the column provides a learning experience. Continually focusing on self-improvement is a trait commonly found in highly effective people, and here, the focus cannot be avoided.
  • Networking – I’ve connected with and met so many unique and driven people through the blog that  I otherwise wouldn’t have. Nothing makes me happier than seeing emails from readers who want to connect in person.
  • Build a Brand – I have always believed that anything worth doing is worth doing well, and I have always strived to do better than my best in all of my endeavors. As has been my goal from the beginning, through this blog I hope to create a brand and one day launch it into a company.

More than anything I really enjoy blogging, I love constantly thinking about new blog ideas, reaching out for interviews and connecting with readers in person. You know it’s a good idea when you go to sleep thinking about the blog and wake up thinking about the blog.

Have a great weekend