ASotREG’s 10-Part Guide

to a Free Masters in Real Estate

This 10-step customized guide, replete with readings and assignments, is everything you need to begin a flourishing career in real estate.

Real Estate Can Be a Great Career

A career is about is having a great experience and a great life, and you can do that in real estate.

In real estate a group of individuals with completely different skill-sets can come together and build something that is architecturally significant, makes a neighborhood better, or creates wonderfully humane spaces in which people can work and play.

When you begin your career, don’t take yourself too seriously. There’s a lot to learn. You will make mistakes. Be willing to work hard, network, keep learning, and don’t ever accept it when somebody says do it because that’s the way it’s always been done.

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This collection of blogs provide actionable information you need to begin a flourishing career in real estate

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Recommended Tool


REFM provides students with best-in-class real estate financial modeling training. They offer intensive beginner classes that will teach you financial modeling techniques specific to a variety of real estate property types. While the only way to really learn financial modeling is to dig in and do it on your own, REFM will accelerate the learning process. Full disclosure, I’m an affiliate of REFM.

How to Land a Job in Real Estate

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