A Student of the Real Estate Game


My Last Days as a Student…in the Traditional Sense of the Word

May 11, 2011 | Career

On Monday I finished up my last exam as a student at the NYU Schack Real Estate Institute. Although I loved every moment at NYU Schack (all 2 years), I’m extremely excited to move on and begin the next chapter of my real estate career. I’ll follow-up with a more substantial wrap-up post, but what I want to do today is answer a question I seem to get all the time:

“So what are you going to do with the blog now that you’re no longer a student?”

The question is often asked in a joking matter, but it’s worth answering anyway. As a student, professional and aspiring entrepreneur my goal is simple; I strive to always be learning, meeting new people and growing as a person. This is how one makes informed decisions, stays up with budding technology that will change the way we do business, and adapts with evolving business trends.

Being a student of the real estate game is especially important. In a field like real estate, where macroeconomic factors such as employment, job trends, and demographic shifts play such an important role, it’s critical to stay on top of what’s happening not only locally, but globally as well. As the Dean of NYU Schack always suggests; don’t just read real estate trade magazines, rather look at the front page of the New York Times, Washington Post and Chicago Tribune to see what’s happening in the world. What’s happening globally will undoubtedly impact your local market and allow you to see opportunities others may miss.

In real estate, new technology from energy efficient building systems and sustainable materials to market research sites effects the decisions we make on a daily basis. By not staying on top of emerging technologies we are falling behind our competition and doing a disservice to our investors and the environment.

As a good friend pointed out to me, this idea is very Jeffersonian. Thomas Jefferson did not believe in graduation, but rather that graduates never complete their learning process.

No matter where my real estate career or this blog heads in the future, one thing is certain, I will always be a student of the real estate game.

What makes you a student of the real estate game?