The real estate program reviews on the blog, like this one, are outdated. Programs continue to evolve and improve so static reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. I recommend you reach out to current students and alums to get the latest insights into the program. I also recommend that you check out my post on the true value of a graduate real estate program.

Here is an archive of the past reviews that I completed on the site prior to shifting the focus of the content:

Mike Tilford, a candidate for a master’s in real estate development at the MIT Center for Real Estate, was kind enough to participate in my questionnaire on graduate real estate programs. Here’s what he had to say:

What was your background in real estate prior to the program?
I worked as a development manager on a 151 acre mixed use, master planned development called Riverstone located in Coeur d’Alene, ID. In 2006, I left to pursue my MBA at Boston University which was a great experience. Upon graduation in 2008, I enrolled at the MIT Center for Real Estate. I graduate in September 2009.

What other programs did you look at besides MIT and why did you choose MIT over the other programs?
I was accepted by the Columbia program. I chose MIT because of the smaller class size, the far larger number of full time faculty devoted solely to real estate, the more powerful brand name (in my opinion) and the rigorous curriculum.

Are the professors primarily full-time or part-time? Do the part-time professors make themselves accessible outside the classroom?
The core curriculum is taught by primarily full time faculty and the electives are taught by a mix of full time and part time faculty. Both are very accessible outside of class.

What kind of opportunities does the program provide to students outside the classroom?
We have frequent panel discussions with industry leaders on a wide variety of issues from specific development case studies to capital markets lectures. Further, students attend major industry gatherings and functions across the U.S. and have the option of taking a program sponsored trip either domestically or abroad.

How is the program’s career counseling? Do they actively help students find summer internships and full-time positions? How willing are alumni in assisting current students?
The career service program places a heavy emphasis on networking. Further, we have two to three career fair events jointly sponsored with the Harvard Graduate School of Design. The alumni base is extremely helpful and always willing to meet with current students.

What are your future aspirations in real estate and how has this program helped you to get closer to your goals?
I would like to own a development and investment firm. The MIT program helped refine my analytical skills and the programs reputation gives me recognizable credibility with potential partners, lenders and investors.

Is there anything else about the program you think people should know?
The MIT program is a great experience and the small class size allows you to get to know your peers. The faculty are very committed to their field and the course work is extremely challenging.
Rate the various aspects of the program from 1-10, 10 being the best:
Professors: 10
Curriculum: 10
Career Counseling:9
Outside Opportunities:9
Overall Rating: 9.5
* Note Adam’s comments below, he brings up some very good points.