What I’ve learned

Throughout these conversations, I’ve seen a few trends emerge:

  • Their career paths are in no way linear, but they often work with a best-in-class institutional firm prior to venturing off on their own. They’ve recognized what those firms do well and what they don’t do well, and fill the gaps.
  • They’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit and everything they did in their career was preparing them to launch their own company.
  • They rely heavily on their friends & family network, especially when executing their first few deals.
  • They know in real estate reputation is everything and a strong network/reputation is a key to success.
  • They’re creative and on the cutting edge of technology and real estate trends.
  • They’re gritty and refuse to fail.

Peter Linneman on What Makes a Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur

I admire all the real estate entrepreneurs out there doing deals. If you’re on your own, I’d love to hear from you.