How to Think Like a Real Estate Professional – The Peter Linneman Bisnow Video Series

Jan 19, 2015 | Career

I’ve always believed in being transparent with my audience with the goal of exposing you to the best resources and tools the real estate business has to offer. That’s why I’m excited to share my thoughts on Bisnow’s video series with Peter Linneman.

If you’ve visited the site over the years, you’d know I have a slightly weird obsession with Peter Linneman. Dr. Linneman has an unmatched ability to take complex topics and distill them in a way that’s easy to comprehend and interesting. He teaches the most challenging aspect of learning the real estate game; how to think like a real estate professional and understand where the business is headed.

Bisnow, the irreverent e-publication that covers the people and projects in numerous CRE markets, has teamed up with Peter Linneman to do a multi-part educational video series covering everything from real estate finance 101 to ‘Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Real Estate, But Were Afraid to Ask’.

I recently watched one the videos, ‘Entrepreneurial Real Estate Moves’, which is structured like an intimate fireside chat. Even as a full-time real estate entrepreneur I found the video engaging because Peter stages the big picture then connects all the dots in a simple fashion, walking through concepts like a history lesson. In my day-to-day I’m often so deep in the trenches that I don’t step back and look at the big picture and think, what opportunities does this evolution create?

Here are a few things in the video that stood out to me as an aspiring real estate entrepreneur:

  • Every investor is taking money out of another investment or using cash earmarked for other great opportunities to do your deal.
  • There will always be opportunities for entrepreneurs, they’ll just become stranger and more off-beat over time.
  • Peter walks through the forces behind the rise of institutional capital (pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, and contribution plans) and how they have transformed the business for entrepreneurs.
  • Where the money comes from is going to determine how you structure your real estate company and as the sources of money evolve, you need to evolve. The rise of 401K plans for example is going to have a dramatic impact on the changing profile of the industry.
  • If you want to be entrepreneurial and truly take advantage of opportunities that provide outsized returns, you’re going to have to trade off liquidity; you’ll have to go to less transparent markets and focus on lower quality assets and lower quality markets.
  • If you were a young real estate professional in 1970 and went away for 40 years, you wouldn’t recognize the real estate business as it is today. Similarly, if you’re a young person today, you likely won’t recognize the business in 40 years. Be part of the change rather than fighting it.

No matter the topic and your experience in real estate, there’s bound to a number of valuable tidbits which far exceed the cost of the video.

Peter Linneman Bisnow Video Series

From a logistics standpoint, each video is broken up into bite-sized chapters with a 2-3 second pause between each, making it easy to digest. There’s also chapter tags below each video that allow you to jump around from topic to topic. Subjects covered in this video include; How to Structure a Deal, The Challenge with the Entrepreneurial Deal Structure, Transparency Today, The Rise of Institutional Money, Separate Accounts, Open End Funds, Public and Private REITs, Internal vs External Management, Double Promote, Investment Logic, Contribution Plans, and Lessons Learned.

You can purchase individual videos for $99 each or all videos for $499. Exclusively for ASotREG readers, you’ll receive a 10% discount by using the code “10offASotREG”. As I noted in my goals for 2015, I’m going to be launching more affiliate partnerships, featuring great products that have helped me in my career. I’m an affiliate for this product so if you do choose to purchase the video, I earn a small commission. I don’t recommend it because I earn a small fee (at no extra cost to you), but rather because I’ve watched the video and think it’s great.

If you chose to purchase, I’d love to hear your thoughts.