The real estate program reviews on the blog, like this one, are outdated. Programs continue to evolve and improve so static reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. I recommend you reach out to current students and alums to get the latest insights into the program. I also recommend that you check out my post on the true value of a graduate real estate program.

Here is an archive of the past reviews that I completed on the site prior to shifting the focus of the content:

I have received a lot of requests for interviews of the newly-formed Georgetown MPS in Real Estate program.  So I reached out to my friend and former high school classmate, Andrew Welburn, who was nice enough to provide this thorough review.

What was your background in real estate prior to the Georgetown MPS in Real Estate program?

I have a rather diverse background in real estate despite starting the program straight out of undergrad. I started my career on the residential side, obtaining my real estate license when I was 18 and starting a referral business when I was in college. However, most of my experience is on the commercial side. I’ve interned with Cushman & Wakefield, Prudential Mortgage Capital and McDonlad’s Corp. Real Estate while as an Undergraduate. I currently work for a family owned hospitality development and investment firm.

What other programs did you look at besides Georgetown and why did you choose Georgetown over the other programs?

I seriously considered NYU, Columbia, Johns Hopkins and The University of Maryland

I choose Georgetown for the following reasons:

– The ability to attend a strong program part-time while working as a Project Manager for a development in Washington, DC.
– The ability to help shape a new program with strong alumni backing at a school with a tremendous reputation in DC.
– The flexibility of the curriculum, which allows me to specialize in a specific area of interest.

Are the professors primarily full-time or part-time? Do the part-time professors make themselves accessible outside the classroom?

All of the professors are part-time.

All of the professors make an effort to make themselves accessible despite their busy schedules. I have been impressed, so far.

Do you notice a variation of the material taught by different professors of the same course?

Because the program at Georgetown is new, most of the classes have been taught by the same professors.

What kind of opportunities does the Georgetown Real Estate program provide to students outside the classroom?

Despite being in existence for less than 1 year, the program has put together some nice networking events and a few development tours in which a good amount of students have taken advantage of. I would expect more in the next few semesters.

How is the programs career counseling? Do they actively help students find summer internships and full-time positions? How willing are alumni in assisting current students? Since it’s a new program, are alumni in a position to help students?

One downside to being in a new program is not having an established career counseling office at hand. The staff and alumni are more than willing to help you find internships and full-time positions if you actively seek their help. It seems like the school has already established a few strong relationships with the federal government and the DC government, as a well as a few in the private sector.

What are your future aspirations in real estate and how has the Georgetown MPS in Real Estate program helped you to get closer to your goals?

I would like to grow my families hotel acquisition and development business.

The program is thus far providing me with a sound understanding of financial modeling and legal due diligence. The majority of the coursework is taught from the owner/entrepreneur/developer point of view, which is a certainly a strength of the program

How many classes are required to complete the program?

30 credits. 9 classes and a capstone project.

Is there anything else about the program you think people should know?

The fact that this is a new program obviously has its positives and negatives. The program does not yet have the track record as some of the other more established programs out there. This may not yet be the program for the student who wants a strong career counseling office and may not necessarily be comfortable finding opportunities through alumni and friends of the program. With that said, the program has already established an excellent local reputation in less than 1 year. The quality and expertise of the professors has exceeded my expectations to a certain degree, as well as the diverse curriculum. The majority of the students attend part-time which limits the program to a certain degree, yet enhances classroom discussions and networking opportunities among the students and faculty.

Rate the various aspects of the program from 1-10, 10 being the best:

Professors: 8
Curriculum: 10
Career Counseling: 3
Outside Opportunities: 7
Overall Rating: 8.5

Feel free to post any questions you have in the comment section below and I’ll have Andrew answer them.