Let me preface this first post by saying that I have never earned a single dollar working as a real estate professional, and I have been unemployed while seeking a position in real estateĀ  since graduation from undergrad over 8 months ago.

However, I truly love real estate.

How can this be possible with my lack of expertise and experience in the game? Simply put, it’s the people. Real estate professionals are certainly a unique group. In real estate a group of individuals with completely different skill-sets can come together and build something that is architecturally significant, makes a neighborhood better, or creates wonderfully humane spaces in which people can work and play. One can create tangible assets that make an immediate impact on society.

Through my internship experiences and countless informational interviews with all sorts of real estate professionals I’ve come to learn that people in the business love the game to the point of obsession. Although employment opportunities are scarce and positive news limited, I constantly receive emails from mentors reiterating the worthiness of the field and encouraging me to stick with it.

The real estate game is played by people, and its the people that make it great. With that in mind I encourage each and every one of us to become a student of the game and use that knowledge to bring about positive change.

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This post was written over 6 years ago, however this sentiment still rings true. The business is full of innovative thinkers, socially responsible developers, and generally ambitious individuals.