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Welcome, thanks for stopping by. I’m Joe Stampone, creator of ASotREG. If you desire to start a career in real estate, do your own deals, or invest passively in real estate, but don’t know where to start, this page is for you.

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What is ASotREG?

This site was started by me 7 years ago to share my view on real estate careers, entrepreneurship, investing, and technology/innovation. My goal with ASotREG is simple; share my experience, be honest, work hard, and lead by example. That’s what ASotREG is all about.

Where to Start

I have published over 600 posts on ASotREG since 2009, so where should you start?

I’ve broken the content into 3 core buckets. Each page below represents one of the core aspects of the real estate business I write about.

Start your CRE Career: Real estate is a great career where creative individuals come together to build something tangible. Get started in your real estate career today!

We get into this Business to be Owners: Most real estate professionals get into the business to buy their own deals. Find out how to get your first deal done and build your real estate investment company.

Invest Passively in CRE: Passive real estate investments can be a great way to diversify your investment portfolio and those that provide cash flow, in particular, can truly be life-changing. Learn about the different real estate investment opportunities and choose the one that’s right for your investment goals.

Get to Know the Guy Behind ASotREG

ASotREG is a resource run by me, Joe Stampone, to share the insights that come out of my day-to-day experience in the real estate business.

I just turned 30, recently got married, and love the real estate business. ASotREG is my way of taking control of my future and sharing what I learn in my real estate career with you. Here are a few posts where you can learn more about me.


Tools and resources to help you advance in your real estate career.

Here is a list of books I’ve read and resources I’ve used that have been crucial to my real estate career.

Thank You for Being Here

Thank you for your time and attention.

How can I help you? Feel free to get in touch any time. You can email me at Joe [at] ASotREG.com or shoot me a message on Twitter or Facebook.

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