A list of tools, books, and websites I recommend.

Welcome to the ASotREG Resources section, a curated list of the books, tools, and websites I strongly recommend for starting and growing your real estate career.  I have tested every recommendation on this page. Many of the resources listed here are crucial to the success of my career.

Real Estate Financial Modeling

REFM provides students with best in class real estate financial modeling training. They offer intensive  beginner classes that will teach you financial modeling techniques specific to a variety of real estate  property  types. While the only way to really learn financial modeling is dig in and do it on your own, REFM  will  accelerate the learning process. Full disclosure, I’m an affiliate of REFM. I recommend them because  they  are useful and helpful, not because of the small commission I make if you decide to buy their product. If you have any specific questions about any of their products, don’t hesitate to reach out. See the blog post I did on my affiliate partnership with REFM.

Breaking Into Wall Street

BIWS is the best resource if you’re interested in working in investment banking or for a REIT. I recommend Breaking into Wall Street’s Real Estate and REIT Modeling Course. In this course you’ll learn how to use REIT equity research and SEC filings and important metrics and methodologies, such as Funds from Operations (FFO), Adjusted Funds from Operations (AFFO), and the Net Asset Value (NAV) model.

Being able to model real estate deals in Excel is one of the most important skills to starting your career in real estate. I’ve compiled all my top resources on learning to model real estate deals in Excel here.

Think Like a Real Estate Professional

re gameThe Real Estate Game was recommended to me by a family friend while I was in college and it served as the inspiration for this site. Bill Poorvu teaches the fundamentals of real estate in entertaining fashion, drawing from his 30 years of experience and teaching at HBS. Nearly 6 years later, the book still sits on my desk, filled with highlighter and marked pages.  I was also lucky enough to interview Bill Poorvu, the master of the real estate game

reReal Estate Finance and Investments by Peter Linneman. Dr. Linneman is the founder of Wharton’s Real Estate Department and is uniquely positioned to guide the next generation of real estate professionals. His book is filled with actionable insights and no matter how many times you read it, you’ll come away with new perspectives. Read it closely, do the exercises, and repeat. Aside from hands-on experience, I couldn’t think of a better way to learn the business.

I’ve compiled a full list of books which have shaped the way I approach real estate and business.

Reading List

Real Estate Crowdfunding

Real estate crowdfunding platforms offer a great way for sponsors to access capital, investors to access deals, and students/young real estate professionals to learn the business. Below are a few of my favorite.

The Fundrise eREITs offer investors access to a pool of debt/equity investments at a fixed rate, with low fees, quarterly distributions, and quarterly liquidity.

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RealtyShares is an online marketplace providing investors with access to small balance real estate deals.

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RealCrowd provides its users the ability to invest in quality commercial real estate direct with expert real estate sponsors, fee free, and with full transparency.

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CrowdStreet is a technology platform focused on connecting quality real estate operators with investors.

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Starting a Real Estate Business

Fairway America – Capitalflow Membership

Fairway America’s CapitalFlow/DealFlow membership is the central source of education and information for more than 800 small balance real estate investors and entrepreneurs. There is no other place to go to get practical, step-by-step information about real estate investing, from industry veterans and in-the-trenches practitioners. CapitalFlow members have access to educational content, a marketplace of pooled investment vehicles, video presentations from real estate entrepreneurs, and a flow of accredited investor leads.

Other Tools I Use