Technology is Disrupting the Real Estate Business

All aspects of the real estate business are being disrupted by technology, creating massive opportunity for those who embrace technology. If you’re a young person today, you likely won’t recognize the business in 40 years. Be part of the change rather than fighting it.

Real Estate Crowdfunding

The shift of moving the capital raising process online and making it open to everyone is a sea change that will disrupt the real estate business and create opportunities for creative operators.

Real estate investors need to be aware of the risks of investing in private real estate deals. I’ve create a real estate crowdfunding investor checklist, compiled a list of 10 questions to ask sponsors prior to investing in a deal, shared Jeremy Roll’s top 10 steps when reviewing a passive real estate opportunity, and detailed the 10 telltale signs to avoid a deal.

Investors also need to understand the Returns Metrics that Matter when Underwriting a Potential Real Estate Investment.

The crowdfunding space is evolving rapidly, so I periodically share my views on the space. See how my views have shifted over time:

Real Estate Innovation

It’s an exciting time to be a real estate professional, with start-ups disrupting every aspect of the business. Here are just a few of the start-ups driving change in the real estate business,