How I Stay on Top of the Market

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While my days are often filled with meetings, calls, and emails, I think it’s important to carve out an hour or so each day to stay atop the market. This is just as much a part of my job as is my daily responsibilities. It’s from these articles, interviews, and research that I get my inspiration and form my market opinions.

Readers often ask me how I stay on top of the market -here goes:

Real Estate Market News (Daily Check)

Economic News/Data (Weekly Emails)

Real Estate Periodicals


  • The Daily Skimm – a daily email which covers all the day’s headlines from politics to pop culture.

This is in no way a comprehensive list of sources, it’s just the ones that I’ve found to be most valuable. What would you add to this list?

Check out the full ASotREG reading list here. 

  • S.J.

    I would definitely add Bloomberg estate ( to this list. For anyone interested in Canadian markets, RENX ( is a must. I also follow key people on Twitter, but its easy to miss things if you are not online at the right time. As for the WSJ, everyone should be reading the Property Report which comes out on Wednesdays. For local market intelligence, there is no substitute for key relationships– get on the phone and meet up for lunch!!

  • nlr1984

    Nice list, Joe. Interesting perspective to see so many publications with a national focus. I have found it helpful to follow the trades in the markets where I’m located or have an interest; for instance, in Chicago, Crain’s Chicago Real Estate Daily reports on the latest development projects, acquisitions, sales, and foreclosures in the area. It’s helpful to keep tabs on who is doing what and when. Similarly, the blog Curbed Chicago is a miscellany of real estate news, gossip, and fun facts relevant to the city. Finally, Twitter is a great resource for following thought-leaders in the market, whether local, national, or cross border. Hope this is helpful. –NR

  • S.J.

    I’ll also point out that WSJ has multiple real estate pages that sometimes overlap, but sometimes do not. The one you linked to ( has five sections: Homes (default), Mansion, House of the Day, Commercial, and Developments Blog. There is also the real estate “industry” page here (

    If you are interested in private equity real estate, some of those stories do not show up in the real estate pages. As an example, this article from September 25 ( was posted under Markets. Read widely.

  • Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it. For the sake of the post, given that my readers are from all over, I left out many of the local resources. Here in NYC I read Curbed, The Real Deal, Crains, NY Post, Brownstoner, Bisnow NYC etc.

    You’re spot on with Twitter – I have it open all day and follow various streams that I’ve created such as real estate crowdfunding and specific hashtags such as #Aptchat.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Hey Stephen, thanks for your comments and insights, I greatly appreciate it. I’ll have to add Bloomberg to the list, that wasn’t part of my daily routine.

    There’s so much great content out there, people just need to know where to look and how to synthesize the info. I encourage everyone to be up to date on their local market, the capital markets, politics, and technology at a minimum. That’s what it takes to understand the dynamics impacting CRE.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Here’s another economic newsletter that I’ve recently gotten into –

  • Another resource that I recently learned about is called PrivcapRE. You can find them here –

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