What 20 Successful Real Estate Operators Wish They Knew When Starting Their Firm

Learn how to avoid the pitfalls that derail most aspiring real estate operators and get your first deal done!

Here are some of my first-hand insights on what it takes to successfully start and grow an entrepreneurial real estate investment firm

Starting Out

Real Estate professionals are above all else, entrepreneurs.

Starting a real estate company is hard, especially during a hot market, and the challenges extend well beyond raising capital or doing your first deal.

Here are 68 Challenges of Starting and Growing a Real Estate Investment Firm and here are 10 things to do before doing your first deal.

Many lessons can be learned from other entrepreneurs in the midst of growing their company. Here’s what we’ve learned over 4 years of running Atlas Real Estate Partners.

Deal Sourcing / Underwriting

So you decided do go off on your own? Now how do you source deals? Luckily, I’ve got the secret to sourcing deals. Additionally, here’s how entrepreneurial operators efficiently source and screen deals and here are 3 real-world examples of deals that I’ve sourced.

One of the skills any good real estate investor possesses is the ability to quickly determine which deals and worth exploring and which are a waste of time. Here’s a 5-minute deal screening checklist that I use when evaluating new deals.

Raising Money / Investor Relations

Assuming you don’t have access to unlimited family capital that is happy sitting on a deal for 30+ years, you’re likely going to be raising capital from friends and family and organically growing a network of HNW investors over time.

Here’s how you can organically attract potential investors, build trust with your investors, and efficiently raise capital for private deals. You can also learn best practices from other groups such as Origin Investments who have raised over $10M in a single week (part II here) directly from HNW investors online.

It’s important to remember that real estate is an emotional investment and investors are investing in you above all else.

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Growing Your Company

You took the leap, started your own firm, raised some capital, and got your first few deals under your belt. Now what? Here are a series of posts resulting from what I learned growing Atlas over the past 8 years.

Investor Spotlights

I love sharing the stories of real estate entrepreneurs. Their passion and determination is inspirational and I’m lucky to be able to provide a forum for them to tell their stories.
See all investor spotlights here.

Here are a few of my favorites: