I spend a lot of time chatting with college students and young professionals interested in a career in real estate. I always ask what draws them to the real estate business and they often cite their interest in finance, but desire to work within a tangible asset class.

While that’s a prerequisite, there are some other telltale signs that real estate might be the career for you. These are traits I’ve noticed in my friends who are passionate about real estate. Although passion isn’t even the right word, for them real estate is more of an obsession. If you possess any of these, real estate may be a career for you. And if you don’t, well, you might want to reconsider your career path.

  1. You dream about running your own deals and plan to launch your own shop in the future
  2. You’re constantly noticing buildings in your neighborhood that you want to redevelop – you know that old abandoned warehouse that would make the perfect loft condo development
  3. You talk incessantly about architecture, the world’s tallest buildings, record sale prices, and price per square foot
  4. You have an opinion about all major developers in your city, even if it’s just hearsay
  5. You’re not a huge fan of Donald Trump, but love guys like Sam Zell, Stephen Ross, and Mort Zuckerman
  6. You spout facts about buildings as you walk down the street even with your non-real estate friends
  7. You can identify many major buildings in your city by address
  8. You devour sites like Curbed and The Real Deal even if you don’t work in those markets
  9. You’re constantly networking and your schedule is filled with breakfasts, coffees, lunches, cocktail events, and dinners with your real estate buddies. You also find a way to access expensive real estate events for free
  10. You didn’t grow up playing golf, but you’ve gotten into it for the sake of the business

To me and a lot of my friends in the business, real estate is far more than a career, it’s an obsession. If you think real estate is the career for you, ask yourself, is this something I’m obsessed with?

What do you think?