1. The Llenrock Group Blog

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The Llenrock Group is a real estate advisory and investment banking firm based in my hometown, Philly. They offer a variety of services, including investment sales, direct investment and structured finance.

Their blog is updated daily and one of the few commercial real estate blogs that I read everyday. Topics range from news coverage and market updates to opinion pieces and interviews. The blog is run by the company’s Director Dave Jacobs, but content is often shared between the staff.

As great as their content is, I wish they spent more time interacting with the community through social media outlets and the comment section.I look forward to their blog continuing to grow in 2010.

2. The Daily Drach

The Daily Drach is run by John Drachman, a recent USC Lusk Center for Real Estate graduate, involved in commercial real estate in Southern California.  He was nice enough to review the program for my blog. His blog grew out of a tradition he started while in grad school, sending Daily Drach emails to classmates on stories, videos and personal commentaries on what was going on in real estate.

I hope I will be seeing a lot more of John in 2010.

3. The Dirt Lawyer

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Dirt Lawyer is a blog run by attorney David Stejkowski based out of Chicago. Relative to most commercial real estate blogs, he’s been around for a while, starting all the way back in 2007. His site has been very influential to me. He recently wrote an article posing the question, Why do commercial real estate blogs die? And why the heck am I still here? where he discussed potentially shutting down his blog. I’m glad he decided to stick with it and take his blog to the next level. With some hard work, he can do big things.

4. Real Property Alpha

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John Reeder burst onto the blogging scene in 2009 with his site Real Property Alpha, which provides almost daily updates on the real estate investment market. Well, being a commercial real estate land broker, I guess John has some free time on his hands (maybe not). John was nice enough to feature me in his real estate twitter profile series. He provides great content and does an amazing job of marketing his posts, I look forward to seeing more of him in 2010.

More from John

5. Streetwise (Robert Knakal)

I’m a huge proponent of blogging and think everyone should be doing it, regardless of title or stage in your career. So I have great respect for Robert Knakal, co-founder of sales company Massey Knakal, who decided to start blogging. On Streetwise, Mr. Knakal looks primarily at macroeconomic issues effecting the commercial real estate industry with an emphasis on New York City. He has realized great success at a young age. What I love most is that he personally responds to every single comment left on his blog. I look forward to every new post he puts out and I hope he continues with the blog in the future.

More from Streetwise

6. San Francisco Bay Area Commercial Real Estate

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I just discovered this blog a few days ago, and I’m glad I did. It’s authored by Jon Dishotsky & Justin Bedecarré of Cushman & Wakefield and provides information and breaking topics from various sources including news outlets, online publications, inside deal makers and first-hand accounts of the Bay Area Real Estate Market. Looking through the past articles they also cover a range of topics from social media to green/sustainable building. As it’s a relatively new blog, I expect to see some major changes over the course of 2010, I look forward to seeing what these guys can do.

7. Deal Junkie

An exclusively commercial real estate blog that, in the blogging world, has been around for a long time. The blog provides little commentary and interaction, but passes along interesting videos, news stories and updates from the FED. This blog is established within the niche, however if given a true voice and community, it could be a great site. Another great source to learn about what’s currently happening in the market.

8. Commercial Real Estate Grand Rapids

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This blog is hyper-local based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but I thought it was worthy of a mention (it does throw some interviews and national stories in there). I was approached by Chip LaFluer less than a year ago when he was considering starting this blog and I strongly urged him to do it. He has since built a great site and utilized the power of social media. With his drive, determination, and understanding of the game, I’m excited to see where he can take this site in the future.

9. CRE Console Blog

CREConsole.com was built to serve the needs of commercial real estate investors and capital markets brokers. The blog section of the site is one of my favorite go to sources. It provides market updates and passes along interesting videos, articles, and interviews. I hope they continue to provide great content in 2010 and begin to promote community through comments and social media.

10. The Commercial Investor

The Commercial Investor is another exclusively CRE blog that I check often. The blog is focused on a tight niche, but discusses a variety of topics within that niche including property management, negotiation, and contracts. It’s well written and certainly one of my favorite sources, I just wished it was updated on a more regular basis. Hopefully post frequency will increase in 2010.

CRE is such a vast field and there is an array of blogs covering each niche. It’s exciting to see the number of young guys getting involved in the space and utilizing social media sites. That being said, there is a lot of opportunity within this space and those who work hard, spend the time, and get in the trenches, are going to be successful. There’s so much opportunity in the blogging world because most people aren’t willing to put in the time and effort it takes. The opportunity is there, you just got to go out and grab it.

A Few Others to Watch

Are there any CRE blogs that I left out that you think should be included or that you’re watching in 2010?